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In the last few weeks (when I could peek my head out of the books) we started the college investigation for Vicki. A friend mentioned, on her facebook, that she loved the Beelzebubs. Huh? I was talking to Vicki at the time that I saw the post and we decided to Google it. We discovered that they are the A Cappella, all-male group from Tufts. Huh! Way Cool!

"Oh, yeah, Tufts, that's the college that sent me an email last night. They want me to go there."

"WHAT!?! For...?"


"That has to be a consequence of your art piece going to National". (see below)

"Nah, they just got my name. They have an awesome art program, but they are not too academic."

"Uh, that would be incorrect."

"Where is the college?"

"Let me explain 'Tufts' to you." I did...:)

So, now we begin the dance of college(s), money (gee!) and determining an interest in a major.

Title: City Madness
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