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Rant for the Day

Ok, follow the bouncing ball:

I have to take History II - 2112 (I am presently taking History I - 2111) which takes us from the Reconstruction through to the present. This is fine, I am looking forward to taking the class. No problem.

On a lark, I checked the registration for classes (I've already registered three weeks ago). Actually, I am trying to replace a class since one is not really a great fit for me and my family's schedule.

So, I find that a (required) class on Medieval Life Religion/Thought is available at a time far better for me.

Oh, but I have to take the History II class first because it is the sequence.

Um, why? What on earth does anything that happened 700 years after have to do with learning about the Medieval time? (Ok, maybe I may have a head start on this, but it's the logic).

Besides, does it really count as history if i lived through 1/3 of the period?

Rant off. Thank you
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